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Laura Bennett Coaching

Empowering you to live and lead bigger and braver in the world, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and expand into the life you want


How can I help you? 

Many of us long for more in our lives, whether at work, with our family or relationships, with our health, or with finding meaning and purpose. Or, we find ourselves at a crossroads, a point in our lives when we realize we've stepped off a path we had laid out earlier, or are on a path that is no longer right. And often our self-doubt, fear or anxiety hold us back from believing we can have a different path, and having the courage to make it happen. 
Coaching can help you boldly step into who you want to be and design your path forward.

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Leadership Coaching

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Transition Coaching


Group Coaching + Workshops

Do you want to grow your self-leadership?

Are fear and self-doubt holding you back?

Do you want to trust yourself more?

Learn ways to get unstuck?

Take action toward achieving your goals? 

Leadership Coaching helps you:​

  • Become an authentic leader

  • Claim your voice

  • Build resilience

  • Gain self-confidence and trust

  • Reestablish your identity

  • Create fulfillment

  • Thrive through uncertainty

Individual and Corporate packages available

We are constantly experiencing change in our lives. And the transition process to adjust to those changes can feel overwhelming and challenging to navigate.

Transitions can look like: 

  • Changing jobs or careers

  • Getting divorced

  • Becoming a new parent

  • Returning to work after time off

  • Relocating to a new state or city

Transition coaching helps you move through change and complexity with clarity and confidence.

Connecting with a community can be powerful. Group coaching is a sacred space for you to show up as you are, with the collective support and compassion from fellow women.  

The Women’s Coaching Circle partnership offers an 8-week robust group coaching program designed to help women cultivate a deep, authentic sense of self and create a meaningful path forward. 

Individual workshops also offered to support women step into their full potential and brilliance.


Meet Laura

Laura empowers her clients to lead more boldly in all aspects of life. As an experienced Leadership and Transition coach, her genuine, compassionate, and straightforward approach creates a safe space for her clients to deepen their awareness, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and feel challenged to take meaningful action toward becoming a more authentic leader, and to navigate through life's transitions with clarity and confidence.

Coaching builds upon over 15 years of experience in leadership development, talent management, and organizational effectiveness in both the corporate and non-profit sector. In that time, Laura served as a trusted advisor and coach to senior leaders, oversaw leadership and team development programs, facilitated training, and led the strategy and execution of organizational communication and change management efforts.

She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and focuses on bringing Co-Active coaching - a balance of deep connection with courageous action - to her clients. 

Laura values authenticity, connection, adventure, physical and emotional health, and family. A singer and with a deep love of music, the outdoors, and traveling, she is above all, a proud mom of two amazing kids. 


"Laura’s coaching helped me gain the confidence to start my own consulting practice. With her patient guidance, Laura helped me root out and correct fear-driven behaviors and thought patterns, allowing me to take important, calculated risks, and setting me down a path toward more success and happiness."

Stephanie G.

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