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Client Testimonials

Hear directly from some past and current clients with whom I've had the privilege of working.

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Growth can be terrifying, daunting, and excruciatingly painful when done on your own. Before meeting with Laura I had been doing just that - believing that if I admitted how tired or stressed or afraid of failure I was (even just to myself!) that that would mean that I actually was a failure.

It's for this reason that when I hopped on my first couple of calls with Laura, I found myself in tears almost instantly. Just speaking my aspirational goals aloud alongside my fears and doubts that surrounded them felt impossible back then, and in combination with seeking help?! Like I said, impossible. Thankfully, Laura excels at making spaces safe even for those of us who struggle opening up to others.

Those first calls were extremely transformative for me; I learned more about myself, my values, triggers, and strategies to notice and respond in situations that challenge me, than ever before. None of the self help books (that I had been consuming, arguably, like an addict consumes drugs haha!) even came close to having the same impact.

Today, opening up isn't nearly as hard, my relationships (both personal and professional) have improved dramatically, and I continue to leave every session feeling motivated and empowered to act in alignment with my truest, most authentic self. I couldn't recommend her coaching more!"

Maddison C.

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