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I provide several types of services that can support you and your organization.

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can help you step into your full self and become a more conscious, intentional leader. In this co-created process, we will clarify your leadership goals and aspirations, deepen your self-awareness, explore and define your leadership identity, develop strategies to create meaning and enhance your effectiveness, and be accountable to moving forward. 

Leadership Coaching helps you:​

·        Become an authentic leader

·        Deepen awareness of blind spots and biases

·        Empower your teams

·        Strengthen influence and collaboration skills

·        Enhance emotional and interpersonal intelligence

·        Elevate systems thinking and strategic focus

·        Lead with a coaching approach

·        Thrive with resilience through uncertainty and change


Group Coaching

Group coaching is a rich, supportive environment in which you come together with fellow leaders to grow and develop. Group coaching is a facilitative process, often centered around an anchor theme, in a safe, trusting space that promotes vulnerability, connection, reflection, open dialogue, and a sense of belonging.

Group coaching programs focus on encouraging individuals to make their own connections, as well as shared learning and accountability, and practical application into one's work and life. 



With experience in organizational effectiveness, leadership development and change management, I provide consulting services for organizations in several areas, all focused around enhancing the effectiveness of leaders and organizations. 

  • Leadership development program and workshop design and facilitation

  • Leadership alignment and organizational effectiveness support

  • Organizational transition consulting and strategy


Her Brilliance

Women leaders face unique challenges in the workplace. They need a different approach to development so they can step into their full leadership power. Her Brilliance uses a women-centered group coaching approach to accelerate the development of women leaders, so they can amplify their leadership impact and influence. 

Her Brilliance helps women:

  • Grow and move into positions of greater leadership influence and impact

  • Get clear on their leadership identity and what’s important to them

  • Reconnect to a greater sense of purpose as a source of power

  • Design a roadmap for success and access the courage to make it happen

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