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Wisdom of a 9 Year Old

My 9 year old daughter told me the other day that despite having coronavirus this year, 2020 has been one of her favorite years. I was shocked at first, "what?!" I thought, "how can that be? we can't go anywhere, you're in and out of school, we can't see family or friends..." My internal narrative was spewing...

When she told me why, it clicked (and I chuckled, because one of the things was an adorable musical she and her brother put on with their besties #zombies2). While her reasons may have seemed insignificant to me or you, they were so meaningful to her.

Whether she realized it or not, she was choosing to create meaning and an experience of a year so many of us just want to end. It's in the meaningful things where we feel most alive - and likely what my daughter will remember about 2020, years from now.

It made me stop and think about where could I choose to create meaning?

What moments can I hold onto from this year that have been meaningful to me?

And, at a time of year when we think about giving thanks, I know I'm grateful for the subtle wisdom of my 9 year old.

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