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Intentions for 2021

I've never been one for New Years resolutions. The year inevitably starts off one way and ends completely different (2020 brilliant example), and I'm left reflecting and feeling bad about myself that I didn't do x, y and z (forget the fact that I DID manage a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h and i-w ) . Right?!

But I was introduced to a new idea this year. Creating intentions for the year through a few short words. I tried choosing one word, but it didn't work for me. So I chose 3.


STRENGTH is about moving through the world from a place of inner strength. Finding and using my voice has always been hard for me. Yes, even as a singer, using my voice when not on stage has not come easy. I have spent the past years unearthing and cultivating my voice, and feeling solid enough to use it. I recognize my voice means something, and I want to use that voice and strength in a new way this year.

LOVE. I love sometimes to a fault. Most of who and how I am and what I do is rooted in a deep sense of love for the people and parts of my life. And honestly, I wouldn't do it any differently. I want my year to be intentionally filled with people and relationships, work and projects, and moments that I love and bring love to me.

MEANING. 2020 helped shift my perspective about what is important. Events or routines I used to hold sacred suddenly felt frivolous or even burdensome. It was a reset in a way, to a more simpler way of being, one that was only possible because we stayed healthy. So I want to pull that perspective into this year and keep myself honest about what is most meaningful.

What about you? What intentions can you create for 2021?

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