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Navigating the impending transition back to school

Right now, I can't imagine doing any of the options for school this year. Heck, we're still adjusting from the tsunami of a global pandemic. But I know whichever option we choose, it will mean another transition. A time when things are messy, I'm frustrated and overwhelmed, and want to go back to an old way, which at this point, is but a distant memory.

Understanding and preparing for this impending transition can help you - and your family - ease some of the stress.

Here are 5 suggestions:

1. Acknowledge the end of the way things used to be. Endings are hard. And it's even harder to move on to what's next or new without processing an end first. So acknowledge and give space for you and those in your life to process the end, and resist the urge to rush any of you into the new.

2. Changes impact people differently. We are all unique in how we deal with change - some are angry, some withdraw, some focus on the positive, some may show sadness. Notice your response and resistance (resistance is so normal) and recognize not everyone is like you, especially kiddos. And talk to one another about it - it's so much better than guessing or making assumptions.

3. Stay grounded in what matters. During periods of change, desperation or fatigue can make us quick to change course or make decisions to find some sense of "normalcy." Knowing what's important to you ahead of time and reminding yourself of those things can keep you heading in the right direction, even if it's hard.

4. Choose what you can choose. There will inevitably be things outside of your control through a transition. Instead of spending energy there, channel that energy into choosing your reaction, your mindset or outlook, and caring for yourself and your loved ones.

5. Work small. Since change takes time, we can't jump from now to the future in a day. And sometimes trying to imagine getting all the way to the future feels overwhelming. Focus on the NEXT most important thing and celebrate all the small wins along the way.

Laura Bennett Coaching

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