Navigating the impending transition back to school

Right now, I can't imagine doing any of the options for school this year. Heck, we're still adjusting from the tsunami of a global pandemic. But I know whichever option we choose, it will mean another transition. A time when things are messy, I'm frustrated and overwhelmed, and want to go back to an old way, which at this point, is but a distant memory. Understanding and preparing for this impending transition can help you - and your family - ease some of the stress. Here ar

Inner superheroes

When I graduated from college, I left home to work and live in London for the summer. I never studied abroad during school (my a cappella group was too awesome), so without a job out of college, it was an experience I couldn't pass up. I arrived there with no job, no long-term residence, no friends ... just a hostel booked for 10 days. On my first day, after checking in with the company sponsoring my work visa, I explored around, and stumbled upon a pub that featured music ev